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IPv6 Summit, Inc.

The United States IPv6 Summit 2003
December 8 - 11
Arlington, Virginia

Doubletree Crystal City
300 Army Navy Drive
Arlington, Virginia, US, 22202-2891



  • Mike Brig & Brian McGehee [PDF]



Tuesday, December 9, 2003:

  • IPv6 Deployment Next Steps & Focus - Jim Bound [PDF]

  • Moonv6: THe Road Ahead for DoD - Ben Shultz and Major Roswell Dixon [PDF]

  • Building the Foundation for Transformation: Net-Centric Operations and IPv6 - John Osterholz [PDF]

  • The Wireless World Research Forum - Mikko A. Uusitalo [PDF]

  • IPv6 Stateless Operations Explored - Yanick Pouffary [PDF]

  • Transistioning to IPv6: Mechanisms and Issues - Jeff Doyle [PDF]

  • IPv6 Porting Applications - Eva Castro [PDF]

  • Mobile IPv6 Operations Explored - Carl Williams [PDF]

  • Future Implications of IPv6 "Accessorizing IPv6" - Preston F. Marshall [PDF]

Wednesday, December 10, 2003:

  • IPV6 Around the World - Latif Ladid [PDF]

  • Security with IPv6 Explored - Renee Esposito and Rich Graveman [PDF]

  • IPv6 in Internet2 - Rick Summerhill [PDF]

  • Routing Explored with IPv6 - Steve Pollock [PDF]

  • HP IPv6 Update: IPv6/DoD Summit - Bill Medlin [PDF]

  • IPv6 in Campus Networks Summit - Dave Twinam [PDF]

  • Java: your free ticket to IPv6 - Jean-Christophe Collet [PDF]

  • IPv6: A Pillar of On Demand Computing - Jackie Jackson [PDF]

  • Robust Networking with IPv6 - Phil Edholm [PDF]

  • IPv6 Routing on Servers & Appliances - Gary Hemminger [PDF]

  • Setting IPv6 in Motion - Stan Barber [PDF]

  • IPv6: Testing the Transition - Bill Kine [PDF]

  • Elmic Systems: From IPv4 to Moonv6 - Edward Remmell [PDF]

  • IPv6: An Extreme Perspective - Dan Backman [PDF]

  • Foundry Networks, Putting IPv6 to Work - Joe Tomasello [PDF]

  • Providing a Network Infrastructure for an IPv4 to IPv6 Transition - Jeff Thomas [PDF]

  • Nokia and IPv6 - Robert Hinden [PDF]

  • IPv6 Test Methodology - Dean Lee [PDF]

  • Embracing the Future: Diversity and Resources - Kenneth Coombes [PDF]

Thursday, December 11, 2003:

  • IPv6 Applications - Junaid Islam [PDF]

  • Oracle 10g and IPv6 - Marshall Presser [PDF]
    IPv6 Strategies and the New World of the Internet - Kazuhiro Gomi [PDF]

  • IPv6 Services: Present & Future - Yurie Rich [PDF]

  • IPv6 - A Service Provider's Perspective - Joseph Houle [PDF]

  • IPv6 on DREN & Status of DoD Pilot - Ron Broersma [PDF]

  • The IPv6 Ready Logo Program; The Worldwide Interop Concept and The Way Forward - Hiroshi Esaki [PDF]

  • DoD Transition to IPv6 - Marilyn Kraus [PDF]

  • IPv6 Briefing - Fred Lee [PDF]

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