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IPv6 Summit, Inc.


North American IPv6 Global Summit 2003
June 24-27
San Diego, California


  • Transition Mechanisms - Marc Blanchet [PDF]
  • Service in IPv6 - Marc Blanchet [PDF]
  • IPsec - Brian McGehee [PDF]
  • IPv6 Addressing - Brian McGehee [PDF]
  • IPv6 Terminology - Brian McGehee [PDF]
  • IPv6 Functionality - Jeff Doyle [PDF]
  • DNS Routing and Multihoming - Jeff Doyle [PDF]
  • IPv6 Mobile Networks Tutorial - Karim El Malki Ericsson [PDF]



  • IPv6 Summit Keynote Speech - John Olsterholz [PDF]
  • IPv6 Internet - Latif LADID [PPT]
  • IPv6 and the Transformation of Science - Larry Smarr Keynote [PPT] [HTML]
  • From Brave New Unwired World to the Ever Smarter World - Alex Lightman [PPT]
  • Pervasive Collaborative Computing - Jawad Khaki Keynote [PPT]
  • IPv6 in a Mobile World - Carl Williams [ZIP]
  • IPv6 - Changing Your Government... - Terry Davis [PPT]
  • IPv6 Value Proposition An Industry view of IPv6 Advantages - Yanick Pouffary [PPT]
  • IPv6 Deployment - Chris Mitchell [PPT]
  • IPv6: Making Your Business Case - Yurie Rich [PPT]
  • IPv6 Standards Status - Robert Hinden [PDF]
  • Embedding IPv6 - Margaret Wasserman [PPT]
  • HP and IPv6 Deployment - Bill Medlin [PDF]
  • IPv6 in European Research Networks - Tim Chown [PPT]
  • Moonv6 Network Project - Ben Schultz [PDF]
  • IPv6 Enabling Peer-to-Peer IMS Services - Jari Hamalainen Nokia [PPT]
  • IPv6 in North America - Tony Hain Cisco Systems [PPT]
  • Your Partner in Internet Connectivity, Security and Mobility - Edward Remmell Elmic Systems [PPT]
  • Strategies to Ensure ROI From IPv6 Transition and Deployments - Alpna Doshi Satyam [PPT]
  • Grid Computing and Scaling Up the Internet - Ian Foster [PPT]
  • Deploying IPv6 Across the Internet2 Infrastructure - Rick Summerhill Internet2 [PPT]
  • IPv6 And Cellular Telephony - Phil Karn Qualcomm [PPT]
  • IP Strategies - Ben Crosby Alcatel [PPT]
  • IPv6 in the Real World - Stan Barber [PDF]
  • IPv6 in the Department of Defense - Captain Roswell Dixon [PDF]
  • Microsoft Peer-to-Peer Platform & 3Degrees - Todd Manion Microsoft [PPT]
  • IPv6 Mobile Networks - Karim El Malki Ericsson [PDF]
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