IPv6 Forum - Jan 9, 2004 - CES, Las Vegas



IPv6 Summit, Inc.

Session 1:

  • Alex Lightman [PDF] 611K
  • Latif Ladid [PDF] 8MB

Session 2:

  • IPv6 Market Drivers: Opening the Door for Wireless Peer- Peer Device Revenue Generation in the Home - Gary Hemminger [PDF] 927K
  • Road to Revenue - Junaid Islam [PDF] 494K
  • Ben Mendelson [PDF] 61K

Session 3:

  • IPv6 and the Ever Smarter Internet World - Alex Lightman [PDF] 1.9MB
  • The new wave of the Mobile Internet - Kang-suk Lee [PDF] 1.6MB

Session 4:

  • Business to Business and IPv6 - Yurie Rich [PDF] 273K
  • Overview of IPv6 activities in Japan - Takashi Nakamura [PDF]

Session 5:

  • IPv6, PLC and Wifi: The Next Generation cocktail for home appliances - Jordi Palet [ZIP] 1.1MB
  • How to make use of IPv6 and integrate it into your networks and mobile devices - David Kessens [Link]
  • Home Networking technology and Sensor Networking technology - Itaru Mimura [PDF] 2.2MB

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