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IPv6 Summit, Inc.

North American IPv6 Summit 2004
June 14 - 17
Santa Monica, CA

June 14 Monday


  • Introduction to IPv6 (Yurie Rich, Native6, Inc.) [PDF]
  • IPv6 Fundamentals (John Spence, Native6, Inc.) [PDF]
  • Advanced IPv6: Network Services (John Spence) [PDF]
  • IPv6 & Routing Protocols (Jeff Doyle, Juniper Networks) [PDF]
  • IPv6 & Transition: Integration mechanisms (Marc Blanchet, Hexago) [PDF]
  • IPv6 & Security (Dennis Vogel, Cisco) [PDF]
  • IPv6 & Mobility (Carl Williams, MCSR Labs) [PDF]
  • IPv6 Header Compression (Emre Ertekin / Christos A. Christou, Booz Allen Hamilton) [PDF]
  • Deploying IPv6 in the Service Provider Network (Heather Sze, Cisco) [PDF]
  • Deploying IPv6 in the Enterprise Network (John Spence) [PDF]
  • Deploying IPv6 in the SO/HO/Home Environment (Jordi Palet, Consulintel) [PDF]

June 14 Monday


  • IPv6 Security Workshop (Rich Graveman / Renee Esposito, NAv6TF) [PDF]

June 15 Tuesday


  • Opening Remarks and Objective of Conference (Jim Bound, Chairman NAv6TF and CTO, IPv6 Forum) [PDF]
  • Keynote: Tom Mayhew, Oracle [PDF]
  • Overview of Transition Mechanisms (Jeff Doyle, NAv6TF Speaker) [PDF]
  • IPv6 Porting Applications (Carl Williams, NAv6TF Speaker) [PDF]
  • Moonv6 Update and Status (Ben Schultz / Major Roswell Dixon, NAv6TF Speakers) [PDF]
  • IPv6 Routing (Steve Pollock, NAv6TF Speaker) [PDF]
  • IPv6 Logo Update (Hiroshi Esaki, IPv6 Forum Fellow, Chair IPv6 Logo Committee IPv6 Forum) [PDF]
  • IPv6 Autoconfiguration (Yanick Pouffary, IPv6 Forum Fellow, Technology Director NAv6TF) [PDF]
  • Mobile IPv6 Operations and Deployment (Alper Yegin, IPv6 Forum Technical Directorate, NAv6TF) [PDF]
  • Computing Grids and IPv6 (Brian Carpenter, Grid Forum Speaker) [PDF]
  • Internet2 IPv6 Update (Rick Summerhill, NAv6TF Speaker) [PDF]
  • DoD's IPv6 Transition (Michael Brig, DISA) [PDF]

June 16 Wednesday


  • Keynote: Dr. Vinton G. Cerf, MCI [PDF]
  • IPv6 Commercial Deployment Status World Wide (Latif Ladid, President IPv6 Forum) [PDF]
  • Java Development Kit and IPv6 (Jean-Christophe Collet, Sun Microsystems) [PDF]
  • Enabling IPv6 in Mobile Ad-Hoc Wireless Networks (Albert Young, Boeing) [PDF]
  • Building the Foundation: Net-Centric Operations and IPv6 (Marilyn Kraus, Department of Defense/ Office of DoD CIO) [PDF]
  • IPv6, 4G and The Ever Smarter World (Alex Lightman, CEO, Charmed Technology) [PDF] [CharmBadge - PDF]
  • HP IPv6 Update (Robert Owen,Solutions Architect, Hewlett-Packard Federal) [PDF]
  • Strategies for Rapid and Progressive IPv6 Deployment (Yurie Rich, President, Native6 / Jean-Francois Tremblay, Network Engineer, Hexago) [PDF]
  • IPv6: A Pillar of On-Demand Computing (Thomas Narten, TCP/IP and Internetworking technologies, IBM) [PDF]
  • Mobile IPv6 Testing (George Wheeler, Manager of Test and Support, Scientific Software Engineering Spirent Federal Systems) [PDF]
  • IPv6 and Network Management @ Cisco (Dr. Ralph Droms, Technical Leader Network Management Technology Group Cisco Systems) [PDF]
  • IPv6 Test Methodologies (Tony De La Rosa, Senior Technologist, Ixia) [PDF]
  • Revealing the Security Benefits of IPv6 (Chuck Sellers, Senior Product Engineer, Network Services, Verio) [PDF]
  • (Bob Schiff, Director of Marketing, Foundry Networks) [PDF]
  • Modular Communication Platforms and Network Building Blocks for IPv4-IPv6 Transition (Alan Crouch, Director, Performance Networking Lab, Intel R&D) [PDF]
  • IPv6 Technology Transition - An Overview of Test then Deploy Methodology (Mr. Tim O’Neill, Director of Business Development, ClearSight Networks, Inc.) [PowerPoint]
  • IPv6 Virtual Routing - A method for sharply reducing the cost for Edge Equipment (Lennart Bång, VP Engineering, Interpeak) [PDF]
  • (Henry Sanders, Product Unit Manager for the Transports & Connectivity group, Microsoft's networking organization) [PDF]

June 17 Thursday


  • (Keynote: Doug Maughan, Department of Homeland Security) [PDF]
  • Global Domain Name System (DNS) IPv6 Update (William Manning, NAv6TF Speaker) [PDF]
  • Building IPv6 Enabled Secure Proxy Appliances (Qing Li, Blue Coat Systems) [PDF]
  • IPv6 - The Current Reality Behind the Promise (Tony Hain, IPv6 Forum Fellow, Technology Director NAv6TF) [PDF]
  • The MUST for effective home and industrial automation: IPv6 ready applications (Jordi Palet, NAv6TF Speaker) [PDF]
  • (Keynote: Dr. Lawrence G. Roberts, Founder Caspian Networks and Anagran Inc.) [PDF]
  • Army IPv6 Transition Update (John Shipp, US Army) [PDF]
  • Introducing IPv6 into the Corporation (Terry Davis, Boeing) [PDF]
  • The Emerging Global e-Science Cyberinfrastructure (Larry Smarr, Cal-(IT)²) [PDF]
  • French IPv6 Task Force (Patrick Cocquet, Chair, French Task Force and Vice President, IPv6 Forum) [PDF]
  • IPv6 in 2G/3G (John Loughney, Nokia) [PDF]
  • Building Business Cases for IPv6 (Enrico Albertin, Member, NAv6TF; HP) [PDF]
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