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v6 Transition Offers IPv6 Support Services

v6 Transition

The most important step in a company’s successful evolution to the New Internet is planning. IPv6 will affect every part of your organization, from your network infrastructure to your supply chain management to optimizing your customer relations. v6 Transition, a subsidiary of Innofone.com, has supported the US Department of Defense, NATO and major IT companies in creating their transition plans, including inventory analysis, training recommendations and planning, advice on procuring infrastructure hardware, and implementation and testing.

Because we do not manufacture hardware or software for network infrastructures, we can be your trusted and objective guide in helping you with your network architecture plans, based on careful analysis and taking advantage of best case experience and real-world feedback from our worldwide partners.

If your interest in IPv6 is in developing business models, or in financing a good idea that you would like to bring to market, we would be glad to help you. We are in active discussions with a wide range of business partners, including possible joint ventures, channel distribution, financing, and mergers & acquisitions. Come talk to us!


  • Transition Planning and Strategy Development

  • Transition Plan Development

  • Inventory Development and Analysis

  • Impact Analysis

  • Training and Staff Development

  • Security Solution Development

  • Application Transition Planning and Development

  • Network Management Solutions

  • Testing and Validation

  • Requirements Generation

  • Business Case Development and Marketing

  • Network Solution Planning

  • Address Planning and Acquisition Support

  • Pilot Demonstrations

  • Industry Relations

  • Conference and Event Planning

v6 Transition is dedicated to the proposition that helping any member of our IPv6 community to succeed helps the entire community to succeed – and to bring the benefits of the New Internet to our world. Please contact Wendy Meinel at wendy@usipv6.com or at 310.458.9407 or visit v6 Transition for further details.